Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 8 & 9

We drove in a car that we had rented. We went to see volcano Poas. It was shooting up smoke. We walked up and down hill at the volcano. We drove a bit farther to a hotel. We could not stay there because they did not have room. We drove a bit more to a hotel, but they gave our room to someone else. Then we drove to another hotel. They had hot springs. Mommy and I went horseback riding. My horse was hunger and went fast. Mommy's horse was slow. We saw a sloth hanging in a tree and a baby cow in the pasture.


nana b said...

I have never seen a sloth Micah, but they don't sound too lovable, do they bite.
The horseback riding sounds like fun, Mammy was brave to go along.
Uncle Ian is allergic to horses, he has to stay away from them!
Give Ethan and Kendal a G R E A T B I G H U G from me.
Grandpa Bob comes home late tonight! Nana B

Tante Julie said...

Micah- You are the bravest girl back riding, zip lines, sleeping by a volcano with lava! WOW! I am glad that you were able to find a hotel. You must have been so tired. I love you!