Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1, 2008

We walked to the bus stop. I saw a yellow home and lots of trees. We are going to see a volcano. We took another bus to the top of the volcano. It was bumpy. We saw a cow in the road. The bus was full. We got to feel the dark sand and the rock. We sat at the back of the bus, it was fun. We went to see a church. It was beautiful and pretty. The church is white and gray. They are selling toys in front of the church. We went to the garden. There was lots of bamboo and flowers.


Molly said...

Micah I miss you so much I wish I could be with you right now. How are you doing? What did the volcano look like? Are you having fun? Halloween was really fun! I was a dalmatian and I got 130 pieces of candy. I will give you some if I have some left when you come back. Do they have pizza there? If they did, I would scream because I would be surprised. How is the black beans and rice? How is your spanish class? What does your house look like? We have been checking on your house and everything is good- my dad says the truck runs great! :-) Just Kidding! It isn't going very well with Isaac and Baldwin...I don't have very much to talk about! I miss Ethan making me laugh. He is really funny! How is Kenal doing at school? sind me a message back a note hab a good time.
love Audrey

The Britton Family said...

Hi Audrey, the volcano had green wather in the bottom because of the rocks. yes we have pizza here, we had some on saturday at Pizza Hut. it was amazing:) my mom made black beans and rice, they were purple, i think she did not make them right because they were hard (undercooked), next time should be better. spanish class is good but i dont understand. our house is small but okey, i will take some pictures of it and send it to you on my blog. i miss seeing you every morning and afternoon, love, micah