Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

There are lots of buses,dogs, homes and people. There are less cars, schools, churches and TVs. My brother is making a Lego set. He is making a boat and a car too. It has a tree with 2 helpers and 1 friend, and you know him, he is named Indiana Jones.


oma & opa said...

Hi Micah -
How was your day at school? Are you able to understand some of the Spanish and French things that are said or not yet? I think that would be REALLY hard. Opa and Oma are so proud of you for going to a new school and learning soooo many new things. Have Mommy and Daddy told you what you will be doing this weekend? We would love to hear all about your adventures and think about what you and Ethan and Kendal are doing all the time. Have a happy day - we love you VERY much. Oma and Opa

The Britton Family said...

It si good. No i dont. I'm proud to.I Love schhool.Love,Micah

Tante Julie said...

I am so glad that you and Ethan and Kendal all love schoo. I can't believe that you got to see a real volcano! Did you have fun celebrating daddy's birthday? Is Ethan feeling better?

nana b said...

Micah, that's a really good picture of you on your postiung of the 4th!
Do you think it's easier wearing a school uniform and not having to pick out an outfit every day.
Love reading about your activities.
By the way, have you ever read any of the ANN OF gREEN gABLES BOOKS?
big big hug-nanab

Molly said...

Micah, I really wish you were back! I am really lonely..all I have to play with is Madison, Abbie, and Isaac and Baldwin. School is going well. Madison, Quin, and I on Friday played the Diamond Castle. It is a new Barbie movie-you watched some of it with me before you left! It snowed today except the snow melts when it hits the ground. On Friday, Abbie and I made a gigantic leaf pile. We jumped from the tree house in our yard, it was really fun!
Love, Audrey

The Britton Family said...

Tante Julie,

Dad's birthday was fun, we eat cake and eat at home. Ethan is feeling good now.

The Britton Family said...

Nana B,

I would rather choose my own clothes because my uniform gets dirty and mom has to wash it every day. I have not read any AOGGB but I know it's my mom's favorite. Love yuo

oma & opa said...

Hi Micah
Opa and Oma will send you a package tomorrow before we go to the Doctor for Oma's knee. Hopefully you will get it in a week or so. Are you going on another adventure this weekend? If you do, have fun! Are your new teeth growing in yet? And do you have more that are loose? Have a fun day at school and say HI to Ethan and Kendal. We love you VERY much. Opa and Oma