Monday, November 24, 2008

November 22 & 23

We went to Vista Golfo Hotel. Me, Ethan, and Daddy went on an ATV ride. We rode about 20 laps around the track. There was one other man who I and Ethan rode with but Ethan mostly rode with Daddy. It was fun.The next morning Me, Kendal and Mommy went on a horse ride. We saw a school way up in the mountains with only 10 students in the whole school. Our pool is shaped like a letter "T". It had a waterfall. We used it for as a diving board. We swam about 5 times. I climbed on a climbing wall. I went to the top 3 times. At breakfast we saw a rainbow. We got home by riding in a taxi, then we took a bus, and then another taxi and then another bus.


oma & opa said...

Hi Micah -
You sure have been busy! An ATV ride, Horseback riding, swimming, climbing wall, bus and taxi rides, waterfall jumping! Wow! What did you like the best and what did you not like so much? And did you have fun at your "indoor" last day of school? We really missed not seeing you at Thanksgiving but were thinking of you and Ethan and Kendal all day and wondered what you were doing. It was nice to see you on the computer - and we will see you in a few weeks. Have a happy weekend!
Love Opa and Oma

Tante Julie said...

Micah- What a beautiful rainbow. I can't wait for you to tell me stories about the ants and monkeys. I am getting so excited to see you in just a few weeks. Have a good day honey!