Monday, November 17, 2008

November 15 and 16

This weekend we drove for a very long time. We headed to La Fortuna and got to swim in a 80 foot waterfall. There were two pools there, one with the big waterfall and the other that have fish and big rocks. After that we drove to the hanging bridges, we walked across 16 bridges we got some nice pictures. On every bridge we made it bounce. We went to our hotel next to a volcano named Arenal. At night we got to see hot lava roll down the mountain. But in the day the volcano was cover by clouds.

In the morning we went swimming even though it was raining. Down a bumpy road we found a sky tram and sky trek. Ethan got to do two zip lines because he was only five and you had to be 8. Me and Dad got to do all eight lines. (yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). It was fun, I screamed on the way down. Mom and Kendal rode the sky tram down.

This week-end was fun


oma & opa said...

Hi Micah
Thank you for telling us all about your exciting weekend! Was the swimming water at the falls warm or cold? And was is very noisy? You sure went on a LOT of hanging bridges - were they all really high up? and did you see some interesting creatures and birds? Sounds like you really loved the zip lines and had lots of fun going on them with Daddy. We hope you have a good week at school and enjoy playing with your new frends. We love you VERY VERY much, Kendal and Ethan too!
Opa and Oma

Susie VG said...

Micah, you rock! You are one brave girl for doing the zip lines. It's so good to hear that you are having a good time! We all miss you here in Grand Rapids.

Molly said...

what is your address to the house you are renting? I would like to send you the pictures I drew for you. I made almost a million for you. I got your picture, I loved it! The pictures were very cute! I was so excited to receive the picture and the card! Why was there a scribble on the card? Was kindal trying to write her name? What does your house look like? Do they have sidewalks? At school, we have this mystery...there are giant footsteps, we found a whole bunch of candy wrappers, a hair ribbon, a bank receipt. There is also a big nail sticking out of the ground on the big hill that we weren't allowed to go on last year. I have to go to bed, I have more to write so I'll write again tomorrow!
your best friend ever Audrey!

The Britton Family said...

our house does not have an address, there are no mailboxes in costa rica and no mailmen. i will ask my mom for the address in florida that you can use...then they take it on a plane to us. tell me more about the mystery at school. who do you think it is? i will call you soon. love your bestest friend, micah