Monday, November 10, 2008

I Lost My Tooth

I lost my front tooth today. My music teacher pulled it out. It did not hurt. Before it was bleeding. People wanted to see my tooth. In my class, I have 10 girls+8 boys=18 in all. I have 2 friends at our house in Costa Rica. They only speak Spanish but it is fun to play outside with them.


Joy said...

does the tooth fairy come to your house? did she know where Costa Rica is or do you have to wait until you get home?
Seth asks to see your pictures everyday.
love from Tante Joy, Uncle Todd, Seth & Zoie

oma & opa said...

Hi Micah
Opa and Oma will send you a package tomorrow before we go to the Doctor for Oma's knee. Hopefully you will get it in a week or so. Are you going on another adventure this weekend? If you do, have fun! Are your new teeth growing in yet? And do you have more that are loose? Have a fun day at school and say HI to Ethan and Kendal. We love you VERY much. Opa and Oma

Aunt Sue said...

Hi Micah, What exciting news-- is it hard to talk without your tooth? I hope you are learning some Spanish words so you can talk to your new friends. I'm glad that you have fun together. You are doing a good job on your blog and it is fun to read and see what you are doing. I hope your Mom adds a picture of your new smile.
Love from Oma Sue and Uncle Gary

The Britton Family said...

the tooth fairy did come to costa rica because i know it was my parents.