Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28, 2008

I was fun, we took a bus. I learned a French foot dance. I love school. I played football. I love my class. I have a friend named Camilla, she is fun. The differences between Excel and St.Gregory's are... here i have 3 teachers each day. I have no playground to play at. It rains almost every day for ten minutes. Gym is outside. There is no art class. Music is harder, we do not sing. We have two recesses. We call soccer "football" here. In my class I have 10 girls and 7 boys. We have to wear uniforms to school. They have no drinking fountains.

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Joy said...

Micah! I'm so excited to read your blog with Seth and Zoie! As soon as they wake up from naps, I will show them.

I liked hearing about your school. thanks for showing me your dance on skype.

What do you like best about Costa Rica so far?
love, Tante Joy